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On this page, we introduce the model of the wfg to you.

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You reach your goals with us!

Foreword of the Hessian minister for economic system, traffic and regional-development Dr. Alois Rhiel

Newcomer and particularly existing companies in Hesse require competent contacts for a successful work locally. With the foundation of the wfg and its current competent and powerful structure, as aforementioned in the performance profile, the Wetteraukreis has created a competent and powerful economic structure. With its commitment the wfg Wetterau takes care that the ecomomic objectives of Hesse's country in the Wetteraukreis can be reached successfully.

Why do we participate in the wfg Wetterau?

We, the IHK Gießen Friedberg, take part in the wfg because we want to provide the best support our companies require.

We, the Sparkasse Oberhessen and the Volksbanken in Wetteraukreis take part in the wfg because we fell responsible for the regional development. As regional finance-service-companies we work, exactly as the wfg, for the companies in the region and in the network.

We, the Wetteraukreis, feel asked to shape the regional economic prerequisite. Therefore the wfg, where all the information converges, is our central network-associate.

We are the central economic-support in the Wetteraukreis.

The county is a solid economic component of the region FrankfurtRheinMain and bandage-limb after Mittelhessen. Until in the year 2022, the East-county is supposed to have unlocked economically to the west-county.

Together with the partners IHK -Friedberg, Sparkasse Oberhessen, Volksbank Mittelhessen eG with the sub-partnerships Volksbank Büdingen eG, Volksbank Butzbach eG and Landbank Horlofftal eG as well as the Wetteraukreis we work on the economic infrastructural development of the region we. We coordinate a network: 25 communes in the county, companies and economically relevant protagonists.

It is our claim to form the future of the Wetteraukreises innovatively. Feel free to contact us.


The public and private institutions as well as regional companies belong to our customers. A particular attention is for existence-originators and firms, who would like to settle in the region.

It is our claim to increase the success of our customers. Feel free to contact us.

Our service: consulting, coaching, accompanying and supporting

We consult, coach, accompany and support our customers during the realisation of their projects. Cases in point are among other things:

  • company-stock-customer-care.
  • real estates and lot procurement
  • founder of a new business- consulting
  • central industry-book.
  • internet-information-portal

Together with the regional companies, we develop and initiate new projects for the economic system and the region. Cases in point are:

  • Visions for Oberhessen.
  • Wetterauer Energypass

 It is our claim to find adding-value solutions on the questions of our customers. Feel free to contact us!

The co-workers of the wfg Wetterau put on value:

  • A high professional competence and a good further education. We continue our education constantly.
  • A high motivation for the realisation of our projects and the daily work. 
  • A reliable communication      

It is our claim, to realise projects in a competent, flexible and creative manner. Feel free to contact us!

Our order: the Wetteraukreis

The Wetteraukreis is characterised by an excellent infrastructure. All important means of transportation are attainable within the shortest possible time. Via the highways A5 and A45, one reaches the international airport Frankfurt RheinMain in a few minutes. Also the ICE-station Frankfurt RheinMain can be reached just as fast. Educational and knowledge-potential as well as infrastructure of the region provide the basis for innovations. Cases in point are: Advanced technical college Gießen-Friedberg, Max-Planck-Institute Bad Nauheim and the International Business School Bad Nauheim (IBS).

Outstanding lines of business in the Westwetteraukreis are among other things: Logistics, medical engineering, mechanical engineering and (finance -) services.

In the Ostwetteraukreis, the tourism-area will give new growth-impulses in future.

It is our claim, through competence-networks among other things in the area Life Science / medical engineering, to strengthen the regional economic power. Feel free to contact us!

Our instruments: strategic goal-management

We work with a strategic goal-management-system (Balanced Score Card). Our measurable specifications are reflected in defined measures. Through a periodic examination of our goals, we guarantee that our work corresponds to the customers' needs and that it is sustainable.

It is our claim to start a management-system and to lead with measurable goals. Feel free to contact us!


  • Cluster-formation Wetterau Life Science / medical engineering
  • innovation in wide domain-specific knowledge of the partners
  • increase of efficiency- via interconnecting  regional networks
  • strategic goal-management BSC as a modern leadership-instrument in the wfg Wetterau,
  • Solution-oriented co-workers
  • originating from one source

We are for you there, Feel free to contact us!

Companies of the Wetteraukreis about the wfg:

Frank Deponietechnik Ltds, Philipp Frank, business managers:  "The wfg supports us with winning new local customers in the region. It secures existing workplaces consequently and supports our growth."

Mail Boxes Etc. - Globally services Wetterau e.K., Giuseppe Mangiaracina, holders: "The wfg supported me with my existence-foundation from the beginning and supported me. Also after the successful foundation, it still advised me by posing new questions."

Bork project-development Ltds & Co. KG, Wolfgang Bork, business manager:  "The wfg supports  our Project ‚Magna Park Rhein-Main‘.' Wfg creates contacts to potential investors and users in our area. We consider this 'contact-stock exchange' as highly interesting."




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