Welcome to the Business Development Corporation Wetterau

Located in the northern part of Frankfurt, the district Wetterau, offers special services for national and international business.

We are partners and central point of contact for all local based companies and those that want to expand, restructure or relocate into the Wetterau district. We understand ourselves as pilots, representing the interests of small and medium-sized companies within administration and institutions. Particularly in regard to commercial property, we offer comprehensive services for your company!

We would like to present to you the merits of the Wetterau district as a business location in the north of the Rhine-Main area. It also displays important information about other fields of interest concerning the district ranging from employment opportunities to housing and living. Established during the regional reform in 1972, over the past four decades the district located in the north of Frankfurt am Main has become an excellent commercial location. Due to its high residential and recreational value people appreciate the high living standard. Walking on historical footprints of the Roman Empire, families enjoy the country side with fast access to the Rhine-Main area. Healthy food and best educational infrastructure provide perfect conditions.

Unlike than many other districts in Germany the Wetterau has a continuously growing population now totalling 300.000 residents. According to forecasts of recent surveys the Wetterau district will be one of the growth regions in Germany. Not only the population rate, but also the economic rate in the Wetterau is growing. Thanks to its excellent traffic infrastructure, including the motorways A5 and A45, the most dense railway system in Hessen, the close proximity to the Frankfurt Rhine-Main airport and adjacent to the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, trade and commerce have developed excellently over the past 30 years.

Furthermore, the employment rate in the Wetterau district is by far over average, compared to other districts in the country. Plus, it holds sufficient space for settlement of all kinds of sizes and quality levels. You will find highly qualified employees for decent conditions. Pricing for real estate and the tax rates are much lower than in Frankfurt downtown.

The Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH was founded in 1999. We work as a mentor institution representing the interests of companies and investors. We offer excellent services for all business-related issues. In cooperation with the 25 local communities, the supra-municipal organizations, the associations and private organizations involved we aim at economic growth of the Wetterau area and the realization of new business projects. We are launcher, driving force and visionary all in one providing business services for the region.

Your decision to found a certain portion of your business in our region will play a major role for further development of the Wetterau district as a business location and to continue to be one of the high-growth business areas in the future. Check our website and find out more about the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region in general and the Wetterau district in particular and contact us. We will support you to realize new projects, visions and ideas in the Wetterau district. Challenge us! We promise to do our utmost for your success.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon as a new company representative in the Wetterau district.“

Bernd-Uwe Domes, Klaus Karger, Dr. Matthias Leder
Managing directors
Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH




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