Customers and other about wfg

Here since the 22nd of September, 2008 we hire statements of our customers and companions about wfg.

Customers and partners wfg:



Kurt Köppel
Economic adviser and tax consultant in own office in mountain Fried

"The economic development is an important institution for our region. Mr. Agne always has an open ear for the interests of the economy and helps competently. I know him also from the research group "economy" of the association "town marketing of mountain Fried". Here he is an impulse giver and helps us with his varied contacts very much."


Tanya Jost, owner
Jost media Systems e. K.
2. Chairpersons of the trade association of the city of brook Ros v.d. H.

"The network thought is the competitive advantage of the future. With the economic development Wetterau we have found a reliable and competent partner who lives this thought and brings together people in the region. Not only a single entrepreneur, but all companies who just also want to reach together something profits from it."




Christian Grunewald & Marvin Kerkhoff, owner
PushUp marketing

„We estimate Christian Agne and the economic development Wetterau as a likeable and competent impulse giver. His helpful tips have perceptibly made easier our existence setting up.“  



Karin lukewarm lard, manager
Town marketing transport association mountain Fried inc.

"The town marketing in mountain Fried is organised in the form of an association. There are three research groups which deal with different subjects in mountain Fried. The economic development supports the association in the research group economy. She introduces new ideas with and helps in the conversion of together developed projects. This honourary engagement of the economic development is not natural and is estimated by us high. Gemeisam we work on the positive future for mountain Fried."




Willi Kreh, manager
Willi Kreh Steuerberater and bank strategy consultant

"The economic development Wetterau is an important institution in the region. Whether founder of a new business or confessed entrepreneur, everybody has organised a competent contact who informs very actively with Christian Agne and has co-ordinated."




Guido Ernst Hannig
Manager of The spiritual occupational coach

"The economic development is a valuable bridge-builder in the region for me!
Many working persons and independent feel her situation as rigid. If economic crises and unemployment require a re-orientation, it needs quickly the suitable consultant. This concern is allowed by the economic development."  



Jan Wölfl
stv. Manager of the JobKOMM GmbH

"Spirit of enterprise and staff with which success can be achieved are central success factors. The economic development helps to bring together both and to promote. As a Netzwerker Christian Agne also supports the interests of the unemployed persons by his omnipresent presence and perseverance. This helps of the whole Wetterau."




Dr. Ulrich Erlhof, manager
Poppe & Co. Limited partnership

"For our company the support of the economic development is very helpful, in particular in fair appearances.
The professional planning and preparation relieves to a small business receiving actual customer's contacts on fairs."




Dr. Christian mayor, manager

TransMIT GmbH

"The region Central Hessen should set up as an attractive location for the medicine economy. For it we have furnished the cluster management timm. We are glad that the Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH takes part actively in the cluster trial. Both sides have in the industries medicine technology and Pharma big potentials which are to be lifted together even better."



Wilfried Schmied, chairperson of the executive board
Centre Hessians inc. - regional management for Central Hessen

"The economic development Wetterau is a member with the regional management association centre Hessians since 2007; we greet this very much. Since: We are persuaded that a strong network must be open like centre Hessian inc. for good partners. In case of the Wetterau there are many common points of departure. We are pleased about furthermore good cooperation!" 



Frank Kuhlmey, project manager (from the company eliminated)

"The Super Hessian ENERGY AGENCY exerts itself by order of the OVAG for the increase of the energy efficiency in the Wetterau in the municipal as well as commercial and private area. Energy efficiency measures generate regional value added, help company to save expenses and exonerate the environment. That's why we greet the engaged cooperation with the WfG Wetterau GmbH."




Gila Gertz, manager (from the Unternehemen eliminated)

"Our aim is to support women and girls with theirs (Again) entrance in the professional life, to promote and to accompany at times. With the economic development a dependable partner stands to us with the support of founders of a new business aside. Together we create new companies and workplaces in the region."




Roland Schulz, mayor (from the company eliminated)
City of Karben

"Our charming town is a component of the Wetterau and integrated in the region the Rhine Main. In the interest of the working people living here we have to do the best possible basic conditions and want to create to the companies. The economic development Wetterau is, on this occasion, for us a central and competent contact."




Helmut Oberheim, 1. Chairperson of the executive board
Trade association brook Butz active

"Brook Butz active has sat down to the aim to strengthen the economic location brook Butz and to develop. Moreover we support Butzbacher companies in all interests relevant for economy and represent the interests of our members compared with town, politics and organisations. Say with economic subjects, traffic control, land utilisation plannings, as well as the active support with new settlements of company and trade lie in our focus.
We receive strong support by our partner - the Wirtschaftförderung Wetterau GmbH - which helps us particularly by the engagement of Christian Agne and his employees to stand our trade partners with professional talks, Workshops or Findung of trade construction sites successfully aside. All that makes us together strong and we can point with the most full satisfaction to our partner, the Wirtschaftsförderungs GmbH, and recommend to link up themselves to this alliance."



Christian Asche, management
are media ® - Internet sites with searching machine optimisation

"The Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH represents our region also in so important questions like the availability of broadband connections. This is important for our competitiveness."




Ingos Steves, manager
Gazeley Germany GmbH

"The economic development is for us a valuable partner in the Wetteraukreis with the marketing of our Magna park the Rhine Main in brook Butz. She establishes to us contacts with potential buyers and users who are interested in our logistic park, one of the biggest Germany."



Dr. Hartmut Schwesinger, manager
FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH - Internationally marketing of the region

"As a manager of the FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH I am glad to accompany foreign companies with her first steps in our region. With the Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH a strong regional partner aside who guarantees a perfect support of our foreign customers on site stands to us on this occasion. Together we create new economic growth."



Robert Puth, owner
Puth SCRE - The industry and trade real estate specialist in Central Hessen

"Better does not go: earned as a man him his money with the renting and the sales of halls and offices to domestic companies, I know the scene very well. In the Wetterau stand out from my view - and without curtailing other good people - two heads from the amount. This is Christian Agne from wfg, an economic sponsor from conviction and head of the district authority Joachim Arnold."



Pia Tischer, manager (from the company eliminated)
Javeco GmbH - staff mediation

"Networks are the type of enterprise of the future. The economic development supports actively and actually networks and cooperations in the region. This also helps our company!"



Rouven cottager, mayor
Municipality of home Wölfers

"wfg an important partner is for us in the everyday work on the common aim: To decorate the growth area and area for good sensations Wetterau in the green north of Frankfurt in the interest of the people and to develop."



Hannelore Tillmann, owner
insecoma - institute of Sekretärinnen-Coaching & office management

"The Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH has been for our institute from the outset a competent partner with the marketing of our Coaching offers. We would also not like to miss even today the consultation and the potential with the search for new customer's contacts."



Jürgen Müller, manager
RKW-Hessen GmbH

"The economic development Wetterau is a respected partner with common sighting for us: To support founder of a new business and small business, to get them access to external know-how and to make them thereby more efficient. As the central contact for company in the region the economic development integrates us when our experience is demanded in the consultation of founders and Mittelständlern. I co-operate very much with pleasure with the economic development Wetterau, because the cooperation is actual any time."



Giuseppe Mangiaracina, owner
Mail boxes Etc. – Worldwide services Wetterau e. K.

"The economic development has supported me from the outset by my existence setting up and has consulted. Also after the successful setting up she has looked after me with new questions furthermore result-oriented."

Companion wfg:



Dr. Matthias Leder, managing director
Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Gießen-Friedberg

We - the IHK Gießen-Friedberg - are involved with wfg because we want for our companies the best possible support which they need for a successful management.



Günter Sedlak, executive board     
Savings bank upper Hessians

We - the savings bank upper Hessians - are involved with wfg because we want to guarantee an optimum support also after the financial business for our commercial customers. With wfg a partner is available to us who can take over all areas of the company support with his network started with the founder of a new business up to the middle class.



Volker Remmele, executive board
National bank of Central Hessen

We - the national bank of Central Hessen - are involved with wfg because she feels on the regional level obliged exactly like us. As a regional financial service enterprise we co-operate, exactly how wfg, for the companies of the region and on the network.



Joachim Arnold, head of the district authority

We - the Wetteraukreis - feel requested to decorate the regional economic basic conditions in the best way possible. wfg is for us, besides, the central network partner with whom all activities gather.




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